Our Story

About Us

Hi. We are Rocco and Alena, two friends who share a passion for cats and science.We met at a cafe in our city and instantly bonded over our furry companions. My friend has a black and white tuxedo cat named Billy, and I have a ginger tabby cat named Berg.

One day, we were having a drink at our favorite pub and we started to wonder: which cat is smarter, Billy or Berg? We realized that there was no easy way to measure cat intelligence, and that most online tests were either too vague or too biased. So we decided to create our own test, partially based on scientific research and cat behavior.

We spent months reading books, articles, and studies about cat cognition, learning, and personality. We also observed our own cats and their reactions to different stimuli and challenges. We came up with a series of questions that cover various aspects of cat intelligence, such as memory, problem-solving, communication, and social skills.

We tested our cats and compared their scores. We won’t tell you who scored higher, but let’s just say that we were both surprised and impressed by my cats’ abilities ;). We realized that our test could help other cat owners discover their cats’ hidden talents and potential.

That’s how we created Purrificate IQ test, the ultimate cat intelligence test. Our mission is to help cat lovers around the world understand their cats better and appreciate their unique personalities. We believe that every cat is smart in their own way, and that cat intelligence is more than just a number.

If you are curious about your cat’s IQ, you can take our test today and get a detailed report with your cat’s score and strengths. You can also compare your cat’s score with other cats and see where your cat ranks among the smartest felines in the world.

We hope you enjoy our test and have fun with your cat. Thank you for visiting our website and for being a part of our cat-loving community.